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Loader TikTok

Loader for creating custom audiences in TikTok.

Learn more: about endpoint dictionary, upload file, create audience from file(s)

Data In/Data Out

Data In 
  • Loader requires import.csv file in directory /data/in/tables.
  • File must contain 1 column with either only 1 type of ID (GA_ID, IDFA) or a mix of both depending on the value of the ID type parameter.
  • Header not required.
Data Out N/A

Learn more: about folder structure in configuration here.


Advertiser ID

Advertiser ID from TikTok platform.


Audience Name Name of the custom audience.
Audience ID

ID of the custom audience.


Audience Sub Type Either NORMAL or REACH_FREQUENCY (for R&F ads) type of the audience. Default value is NORMAL.
ID type Currently supported IDFA or GA_ID or both (option “Both IDFA+GAID”). Default value is “Both IDFA+GAID”.


  • When audience_id is provided in the configuration. The component will check audience_id existence and import all given contacts there.
  • When audience_id is unknown, audience_name must be provided in the configuration. The component will create a new audience with a defined audience_name and import all given contacts to the newly created audience.
  • When both audience_id and audience_name is specified, the audience name will be updated as well.