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Loader Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery loader enables to load of the data from Meiro Integrations to Google Big Query. 

Data In/Data Out

Data In Upload all files into /data/in/files 
Data Out N/A

Learn more: about the folder structure here.



All parameters are set on Google:

Project (required) Google project name.
Dataset (required)  Google dataset.

Learn more: Datasets are top-level containers that are used to organize and control access to your tables and views. Learn more about datasets here.


loader bigquery.png

Input Table (required) Name of the table you want to load to the database.
DB Table Name (required) Database table name.
Incremental Signifies if you want to load the data by overwriting whatever is in the database or incrementally.
DB Column Name (required) Database column name.
Column Name (required) The name of the column in the input table you want to load to the database.
Data Type (required) The data type can be string, int64, float64, boolean or timestamp.