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Technical Support


Encountering issues and bugs is part and parcel of using just about any software system and we at Meiro Business Explorer want to work with our users in handling these predicaments. We, therefore, provide free technical support to all our users of the Meiro Business Explorer system. 

The coverage includes any platform bugs and product issues on Meiro’s product suite. All problems and issues connected to the servers running the application - including not enough resources, outage of the server, firewall misconfiguration, etc.

Technical Support is not provided for any software or technical parts of the Meiro Business Explorer system that was provided by a third-party. 

For example, our technical support team would be able to help fix a bug found in any component that was developed by Meiro Business Explorer, free of charge. But they will not teach you how to write an SQL query in order to run a SQL processor on your workspace for free. This is covered by paid support instead as part of a consultancy service.

How to Contact Tech Support

Before contacting our technical support team, first, try looking up our articles on https://docs.meiro.io/books/meiro-integrations to see if your issue has been covered by one of our articles already.  

If you still require help, you can then contact our technical support team by clicking on the orange icon with the white conversation bubble located at the bottom right of your screen when you log into the Meiro Integrations system.  

A chat window will pop up and you can click on New Conversation to start talking to our friendly technical consultant. 

Our consultants will work with you to identify and (in most cases) resolve your problems. Some problems may be more complex than others and they may require our consultants to work on them with another consultant. 

Technical Support is provided in English. Our technical support consultant will respond to you within 36 working hours with the exception of weekends and public holidays in Singapore. 

As some of Meiro’s consultants are based outside of Singapore, a consultant may still be available to talk to you during a public holiday as well.

The Meiro Integrations system is not considered a business-critical system. Due to the complex nature of software development and operating environments, Meiro Integrations cannot guarantee the exact time that it will take to resolve a problem. 

Additionally, response times might be affected if our technical support team does not receive the requested information pertaining to your problem, and/or Meiro Integrations is not allowed remote access to the relevant networks or systems. 

Our technical consultants are proactive and responsive and if they are awaiting further information from you pertaining to a reported problem, they will make at least one attempt to contact you by email within a few business days.  

During this period of time, our consultant will also communicate a timeline for archiving the problem if further information is not provided. Meiro Integrations endeavours to resolve your problems as efficiently as possible.