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Connector MySQL

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system that allows users to organize, store, and retrieve data efficiently. As a widely used database solution, MySQL offers robust features such as data integrity, transaction support, and scalability. When it comes to exporting data from MySQL to a Customer Data Platform, MySQL provides a standardized and efficient means of extracting relevant data. This integration is valuable for businesses looking to leverage comprehensive customer insights and enhance their marketing strategies in CDP.

Data In/Data Out

Data In N/A
Data Out CSV files in the out/tables folder.

Learn more: about the folder structure please go to this article. 



MySQL 01.png

Host (required) Name of server that hosts the database.
Port (required) The port number you want to access. 
Database (required) Name of database.
Username (required) Account name. 
Password (required) Account password.


MySQL 02.png

Enabled (optional)

Checked if SSH required to connect to database. 

Private (optional) Private key. 
Public (optional) Public key.
SSH Host (optional) Name of SSH Host.


MySQL 03.png

Table ID (required) ID of the table. The ID of the table should be an integer.
Name (required) Name of the table.
Query (required)  A query is a request to access data from a database to manipulate it or retrieve it.
Output Table (required)  The name of the output table you want to load the query. 
Enabled(optional)  Enabled for this table to be pulled from the database.