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Loader SmartEmailing

The SmartEmailing loader reads emails and custom fields from customfields.csv and adds/updates the contacts in your SmartEmailing account.

Data In/Data Out

Data In

Only customfields.csv is used. It must be stored in /data/in/tables/

Data Out


Learn more: about the folder structure here.


Custom fields must be defined in SmartEmailing.
To create custom fields:

  1. In the “Contacts and Lists” section, go to “Custom Field” and click on “Create a New Custom Field”loader 1.png

  2. Select “text”, then click “another”
    loader 2.png

  3.  Give your custom field and name and create your custom field

Customfields.csv must have a specific structure:

  1. The first row of customfields.csv must be “email”, followed by integers referencing their respective custom field IDs.
  2. Every email in subsequent rows must be a valid email address, else, the loader will return an error.
    Custom field “Height” has ID 9 and “isMember” has ID 12
    loader 3.png

Example customfields.csv loaded:







Contact’s custom field in SmartEmailing is added/updated.
loader 4.png


loader 5.png

API Credentials Username (required)

Account User Name.

API Credentials Password/API Key (required)

Account API Key. 

You can create an API key in your SmartEmailing account by going to My Account (Muj Ucet) -> API Keys (API Klice) -> Create an API Key (Vytvorit API Klic)