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Loader Sklik

This component is used for importing contacts(email addresses) to Sklik’s retargeting list. 


To load any audience to Sklik, the Retargeting Terms and Conditions must be accepted in Sklik.
To do so:
1. Log in to your Sklik where you want to load audiences.
2. Go to Tools -> Retargeting
3. Create a new audience list. There will be a pop-up prompting you to accept the Retargeting Terms and Conditions. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

Data In/ Data Out

Data In

Loader requires import.csv file in directory /data/in/tables/import.csv

import.csv file must contain only one column: email with email addresses

Data Out


Learn more: about the folder structure please go to this article.



account_email (required)

Email of account where audiences will be imported.



Secret key provided in Sklik account.




The ID of the audience where contacts from import.csv will be imported.

Remember: When audience_id is provided in the configuration. The component will check audience_id existence and import all given contacts there.

Remember: When audience_id is unknown, audience_name must be provided in the configuration. The component will create a new audience with defined audience_name and audience_description (optional) and import all given contacts to the newly created audience.

audience_name (required)

Name of newly created audience.

audience_description (optional)

Description of newly created audience.

Remember: At least one audience_id OR audience_name must be provided.