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Loader Klaviyo

This loader is used for importing contacts to Klaviyo EDM.

Data In/Data Out

Data In 

  • Loader requires export.ndjson file in directory /data/in/files/export.ndjson.
  • Each line of /data/in/files/export.ndjson must contain a JSON object with email.
  • Additional JSON properties are populated into Klaviyo custom properties.

Example data (formatted)

"product_name":"Race Car",
"product_price": "15",
"product_category":"Car miniatures"

"product_price": "25"


Data Out


Learn more: about folder structure in configuration here.



API KEY (required)

API keys generated in Klaviyo.

Contact list

(at least one Contact list ID or Name is required):


ID of contact list where contacts from export.ndjson file will be imported.


Name of the contact list that will be created.


  • When Contact list ID is provided in configuration, the component will check Contact list ID existence and import all given contacts there.
  • When Contact list ID is unknown then Contact list Name must be provided in the configuration. The component will create a new Contact list with a defined Contact list Name and import all given contacts to a newly created Contact list.