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Connector AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform. AppsFlyer uses tracking links to track many elements relevant to the users' clicks and impressions of mobile ads. When a user clicks on an AppsFlyer tracking link, the URL is saved in AppsFlyer's databases, and the user is redirected to download the app. Supported parameters in the link get parsed and are available via AppsFlyer's raw data reports for advanced analysis.

This connector is based on Pull API 

Learn more: about AppsFlyer, please refer to the Appsflyer official documentation.

Learn more:  AppsFlyer website.


To connect AppsFlyer with Meiro you would need API Token.


It is possible to choose the timeframe for the data that will be connected from the Appsflyer, download more than 1 report, and for more than 1 app in one configuration. 

Data In/Data Out

Data In N/A
Data Out Your results will be saved as a CSV table in the Data Out bucket out/tables.

Learn more: You can read more about the folder structure here.



ID (required)

The App ID is the ID of the application that you are downloading the data to. You can get it from your account. It might look like id123456789 (for iOS) or com.example.myapp (for Android).

Description (required)

Name of the application that you can extract from your account or define yourself. A good practice is to use a description like  “My App iOS” or “My App Android”.



Type (required)

It is a human-readable name of the report, for example, In-App Events Report.

Category (required)

Raw data report or performance report. Human readable field.

Name (required)

The name of the report is used to extract the necessary report.

Performance reports

 daily_report, partners_by_date_report

Raw Data reports

 in_app_events_report, organic_in_app_events_report, installs_report, uninstall_events_report, organic_installs_report

As this field is used to construct the request to AppsFlyer Pull API, it is important to fill it correctly.

For example

Type: Partners Daily Report

Category: Performance Reports

Name: partners_by_date_report

API Token (required)


API token is the user's external API Authorization Key for Pull API. You can get it from your account if you are the owner of the Appsflyer account or ask for it from the owner. 

Since/ Until (required)


Report start date in the format of "yyyy-mm-dd" or "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm". For example 2010-01-01’ or ‘2010-01-01%2000%3A15. (The hours' parameter is for raw reports only). 

You can use natural language as well, like today, yesterday, Friday, -5 days, 20 days, this month, last month, last year.


Important is to note that raw data reports are not aggregated and are downloading all possible events in a requested period of time This might mean a huge amount of data.

To limit the amount of requested data, the `until` parameter for raw data reports is calculated as `since` + 1 day and it doesn’t depend on user input.

For aggregated reports, both `since` and `until` fields are relevant and being used for extracting a report.