Loader MsSQL

MsSQL loader exports data to Microsoft SQL server database.


When connecting to an Azure database and using an SSH tunnel, the username must be in the format <username>@<databasename> instead of just <username> otherwise, it will throw errors.

Data In/ Data Out

Data In Upload all files in /data/in/files
Data Out N/A


Learn more: about the folder structure here.



Host (required) Name of server that hosts the database.
Port (required) The port number you want to access. 
Database (required) Name of the database.

Username (required)

Account name.
Password (required) Account password.



Enabled (optional) If you want a certain table to be pulled from the database.
Private (optional) Private key. 
Public (optional) Public key.
SSH Host (optional) Name of SSH Host.
SSH User (optional) Username of SSH Host. 



Input Table (required)

The name of the input table you want to load the database. 
DB Table Name (required) The name of the table that will be created in the database. 
Export (optional) True if you want this table to be loader or not. By default, it is true.
Incremental (optional)

Signifies if you want to load the data by overwriting whatever is in database or incrementally.


Column (required)

Defines primary key column. Can be used with incremental load.

Incremental load with primary key - just rows with unique primary key will be loaded.

Primary keys witnout incremental - all rows loaded, but columns set as primary key in loader will be also PKs in destination.


Column Name (required) Refers to the column in the input csv file.
DB Column Name (required) Refers to how this column will be named in destination database.

Data Type (required)

The data type used in the column.

Size (optional)

The maximum number of digits used by the data type of the column or parameter.

Nullable (optional)

If you want the value in this column to be nullable.
Default Value (optional)

The default value that is inserted for empty values in the column. For example,  inserts NULLs in destination columns database for empty strings in csv file. - inserts - for empty strings.