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Loader SFTP

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a secure and encrypted network protocol used for transferring files between computers. It operates over the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol, providing a secure channel for data transmission. SFTP ensures data integrity and confidentiality by encrypting both the command and data channels, making it a preferred choice for secure file transfers.

Business value in CDP

In the context of a CDP, SFTP can be a valuable loader for exporting data. It allows organizations to securely and efficiently transfer large volumes of customer data from the CDP to a designated SFTP server. This process is crucial for maintaining data privacy and security, ensuring that sensitive customer information is transmitted and stored in a protected environment. Additionally, SFTP's authentication mechanisms further enhance the overall security of the data transfer process, making it a reliable and secure method for exporting valuable customer data from a CDP.

Setting up the loader in MI

This loader is used for importing contacts to SFTP, which allows to:

  • Create a remote path in the SFTP if it does not exist.
  • Create directories on a remote server in the targeted path if they do not exist according to the directory structure in the source path.
  • Load files to a remote server to target path if they do not exist.
  • Rewrite files that exist in the remote target path, thus their name and placement in remote directory structure correspond to name and placement in the source directory structure.

Data In/ Data Out 

Data In Copy all files and directories from path /data/in/files to remote server and path set in the configuration.
Data Out N/A

Learn more: about the folder structure here.


loader sftp.png

Host (required) Server host name
Port (required) Server Port
Username (required) Username
Password (required) Password
Path (required)

Path to remote server.

If the path corresponds to the path in the server and files in Data In have the same name as the files in the server, will be overwritten.

If the path does not exist in the server, it will be created.