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Loader Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet is a widely used cloud-based application that businesses use to organize and analyze data collaboratively. It emphasizes simplicity and accessibility, enabling users to create, share, and collaborate on data-driven projects in real time.

Google Spreadsheet loader allows you to upload the CSV tables from the Meiro Integrations to the Google Spreadsheet on your Google Drive.


To work with the Google Spreadsheet loader component, you will need a Google account and access to Google Drive.

Additionally, you must authorize Meiro  Integrations to load the data on your Google Spreadsheet and activate Google Drive API. More information about how to do it will be found below in the section Authorization.

Data In/ Data Out

Data In

The files that need to be uploaded should be in the in/tables/ folder or its subfolders.


Otherwise (if data is located in in/files/) component will return an error.

Data Out N/A

Learn more: about the folder structure here.


Authorization in the Meiro Integrations

After creating the Google Ads connector, you will first need to authorize it to access your Google Ads account.

Click on the Authorize button and allow Meiro.io to access chosen Google account. You can reset your authorization at any time or if you want to authorize another Google account instead.


Authorization in the Google Drive

Log in to your Google account and go to https://console.developers.google.com .

  1. Choose Google Drive API on the Dashboard (Enable API and Services) or go to API Library and search for Google Drive API



2. Click on the button Enable.


Now you should be able to load the data to your Google Drive.



Input Table (required)

Name of the table which you wish to load to Google Drive. The name should not contain CSV extension and should include relative path for in/tables.


For example, for in/tables/test.csv use test and for in/tables/newfolder/test.csv use newfolder/test


If you wish to upload multiple tables to your Google Spreadsheet, click on the Add Tables button and set up the credentials for each table.

File ID (required)

It is an ID of the spreadsheet you wish to update.


Learn more: how to find the File ID, please refer to this article

Sheet ID (required)

It is an ID of the sheet you wish to update.


Learn more: how to find the Sheet ID, please refer to this article.  

Sheet Title (required) The sheet title rewrites the existing sheet name of the updated Google Spreadsheet. If you do not wish to change the name, enter the same name, as the already existing one. Remember Meiro  Integrations will update only the sheet you specified through Sheet ID. 
Action (update/ append)

Update option erases whatever is in the existing spreadsheet and loads the new data from Meiro Integrations. 

Append adds to the existing spreadsheet, data from the Meiro  Integrations. It is important to know that if the number of columns in the Google Spreadsheet is higher than the data from Meiro Integrations, columns will be removed from the spreadsheet and adjusted to the Meiro Integrations data format.


Warning: If you wish to create the new table on your Google Drive, please use Google Drive loader

Enabled (true/false) This option allows you to Enable/Disable connection for that particular table.