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Connector Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to share short messages, called tweets, with a wide audience. It is a dynamic and real-time communication channel, enabling individuals and organizations to express thoughts, share information, and engage with a global audience. Besides, businesses and marketers can leverage Twitter's vast dataset for valuable insights into customer sentiments, trends, and public opinion. The connector linking Twitter to a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is crucial in extracting tweet data from a user's Twitter account. This integration allows businesses to harness the power of social media data, incorporating it into their broader customer data strategy. 

Data In/Data Out

Data In


Data Out

Returns multiple tables, related to the Twitter user account in out/tables/.


list of tweets made by the user


list of hashtags made by user


list of photo/video media posted in user’s tweets


list of mentions made by user 


Learn more: Data dictionary of all output objects can be referenced here.


Connector Twitter.png

Timeline Screen Name (required)

The screen name, handle, or alias that this user identifies themselves with. Screen names are unique but subject to change.


meiro twitter.png


Screen name can be obtained by visiting the user’s Twitter page.

For example, the screen name for this account is Meiro_io.


Consumer Key (required)

The unique API Key linked to your Twitter developer’s account. It is obtained together with the Consumer Secret.

Learn more: about how to obtain the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, please refer to this article

Consumer Secret (required)

The unique API Key Secret linked to your Twitter developer’s account. It is obtained together with the Consumer Key.