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Tab: Workspaces

A workspace enables you to create real-time project intelligence. The Workspaces tab lists all the available workspaces.


Search through workspaces

Sort By

The Sort By option lets you organized the workspaces created according to:

  • Name

This refers to the name of the workspace that has been created. The workspaces are sorted in A-Z order or vice-versa (by clicking on ↑↓).

  • Activity

This refers to the time a workspace was run recently. The workspaces are sorted in the last recent activity - older activities order or vice-versa (by clicking on ↑↓).

  • Duration

This refers to the duration of a workspace. The workspaces are sorted in the longest duration-shortest duration order or vice versa (by clicking on ↑↓).

  • Author

This refers to the author of a workspace. The workspaces are sorted A-Z order or vice-versa (by clicking on ↑↓).

Sorting by activity is set as default.


Show: All, Disabled, Enabled

Filter enabled, disabled, or show all the workspaces. 


Search for name


Select tags

You can filter workspaces by selecting specific tags that have been assigned to a workspace. Tags are managed by the Meiro Integration administrator in the Administrator tab (Tags tab).


Create Workspace

The Create Workspace option lets you create an actual workspace, a place where you get to make use of the different components to create a data flow.

More Information: about creating your workspace in this article


Workspace summary


  • Name

The Name section refers to the name of the workspace that you have created.

  • Status

The Status section shows how successful the configuration was run and the time taken for the process.

Learn more: about different statuses go to this article.

  • Data Processed

The Data Processed section refers to the size of input data that has been used and the size of output data that has been created.

  • Last Activity

The Last Activity section shows when a workspace was the last run.

  • Author

The Author section refers to the person that created this workspace. 

  • Set Schedules (in UTC)

The Set Schedules section shows all schedules set for this workspace. Schedules can be edited in the Workspace Detail tab.

Learn more: how to set a schedule, please refer to this article. 

  • Tags

The Tags section show which tags have been assigned to the workspace. 

Configuration Activity

The Configuration Activity section allows you to see the activities of all the recently run configurations.

Learn more: about different statuses, you may go to this article


By clicking on:

-The activity status will bring you to the Activity Detail tab.


-The name of the component will bring you to the workspace detail page.


-The View All button you to the All Configuration Activity tab will see the list of all configurations that have been run (their name, status, a timestamp of the last modification, data In, data Out, User).


Activity Overview


Learn more: about Activity Overview

Learn more: about the workspace detail tab, please go to this article.