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Connector Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to streamline and optimize sales processes. It offers a suite of tools and features to manage leads, opportunities, contacts, and accounts, providing a centralized hub for sales teams to collaborate, automate tasks, and track their performance. Integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud in CDP empowers businesses to gain deeper insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and interactions, fostering more targeted and personalized marketing efforts across the entire customer journey.

The component exports data from Salesforce Sales Cloud to objects and fields. 

Learn more: List of available objects from Salesforce documentation

Data In/ Data Out

Data In


Data Out

CSV files in the out/tables folder in a file named object.csv.

Learn more: about the folder structure please go to this article.


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Login Name (required)

Login username for Salesforce Sales Cloud account

Password (required)

Password for Salesforce Sales Cloud account

Security token (required)

Security token


Set to true to export from the sandbox

Since last

Set to true to do incremental updates from the last run, requires ID column in SOQL it to be set as the primary key


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Name (required)

Name of the object.

Remember: to check which objects are possible to ingest, please refer to this article.
For more details on object fields, relations and custom objects, please check them in the Salesforce Sales Cloud interface under Setup > Object Manager. It is possible to export objects (tables) and fields (columns) that permission was granted to. 


SOQL (required)

SOQL query.

Remember: Only Salesforce Sales Cloud object fields that the account has access to can be queried with SOQL.

Warning: The connector does not support compound fields in Salesforce Sales Cloud objects, such as “Address” fields.