Loader Redshift

Redshift loader enables to load the data from Meiro Integrations to Redshift. Files from Meiro are loaded to AWS S3 bucket, from there to Redshift.

Data In/Data Out

Data In

In order to use a loader, files need to be stored in  /data/in/tables/ 

Data Out N/A

Learn more: about the folder structure here.  


redshift 1.png

Access Key ID (required)


The AWS Access Key ID, looks like AKIA****

Create it in the Credential section of your AWS S3 account:

My_AWS -> My Security Credentials -> Access keys (access key ID and secret access key) -> Create New Access Key -> Download Key File 


Learn more: on how to create your Redshift Access Key can be found here.

Secret Access Key (required)

The AWS Secret Access Key is provided by the AWS when you create a new AWS Access Key:

My_AWS -> My Security Credentials -> Access keys (access key ID and secret access key) -> Create New Access Key -> Download Key File. 


Learn more: on how to create your Redshift Secret Access Key can be found here.

Bucket (required) ​Provide a Redshift bucket name which is a globally unique identifier and the region will be autodetected.

Prefix (optional)


Provide a prefix to key names of the files prefix/. If not indicated, the files will be uploaded without any prefix in the Redshift bucket.

For example, if you wish to upload data in the directory new_folder  in your Redshift bucket, please use new_folder/.



redshift 2.png

Host (required) Name of the server that hosts the database.
Port (required) The port number you want to access. 
Database (required) Name of the database.
Schema (required) Name of the schema. Organization unit in the database.
User (required) Account name.
Password (required) Account password.


redshift 3.png

Enabled If you want a certain table to be pulled from the database.
Private  Private Key.
Public  Public Key.
SSH Host Name of SSH Host.

redshift 4.png

Input Table (required) Name of the table you want to load to the database.
DB Table Name (required) Database table name.
Export True if you want this table to be loaded or not. By default, it is true.
Incremental Signifies if you want to load the data by overwriting whatever is in the database or incrementally.
Column (required)

Defines primary key column. Can be used with incremental load.

Incremental load with primary key - just rows with unique primary key will be loaded.

Primary keys without increment - all rows loaded, but columns set as primary key in loader will be also primary keys in destination.


redshift 5.png

Column Name (required) Refers to the column in the input CSV file.
DB Column Name (required) Refers to how this column will be named in the destination database.
Data Type (required) The data type used in the column.
Size The maximum number of digits used by the data type of the column or parameter.
Nullable If you want the value in this column to be nullable.
Default Value  The default value that is inserted for empty values in the column. For example,   insert NULLs in the destination columns database for empty strings in CSV file. - inserts - for empty strings.