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Connector SFTP

Data In/ Data Out 

Data In


Data Out

All the data is saved in CSV format in /data/out/files/ folder.

Learn more: about folder structure in configurations, please go to this article.


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Host (required)

Name of the server that hosts the database.

Port (required)

Port number.

Username (required)

Account username.

Password (required)

Account password.

Search Key (required)

Search the key prefix for the files in the database, it can optionally be used with a *  wildcard at the end. For example, if you want to connect only the files from a particular folder myfolder in the bucket, you should input  myfolder/*.

All files downloaded with a wildcard are stored in /data/out/files/wildcard.

Include sub-folders (optional)

Download data from the bucket with all subfolders. Available only with the wildcard * in the Search Key.


New files only (optional)

Check if you want to only download new files.

Limit (optional)

The maximum number of files to download. If the key matches more files, the oldest files will be downloaded.