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Connector Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery allows loading data from Google BigQuery to Meiro Integrations.

Data In/Data Out

Data In N/A
Data Out Your results will be saved in the data/out/tables/

Learn more: about the folder structure here.

Learn how: to move files from one folder in configuration to another using Command Line Interface Code processor please refer to this article.




Project ID (required) The ID of the BigQuery project that will be billed for the job.
Storage (required) URL of existing Google Cloud Storage bucket, where data will be exported.
Location (required, default: US) The geographic location where the job should run and source data exists. 

Learn more: about BigQuery dataset location here.


parameter 2.png

It defines queries used to fetch the data.

Name (required) Name of the query.
Query (required)  Query in BigQuery syntax.
Primary key (optional) Google is slicing large results to multiple files. The primary key should be defined.
Incremental (optional) Use incremental import to Meiro Integrations (default is false).
Flatten Results (optional) Flattens all nested and repeated fields in the query results (default is true).
Use Legacy SQL (optional) Use legacy SQL to run the query. Set false to use standard SQL (default is true).


Learn more: about the BigQuery syntax.

Learn more: about the BigQuery reference.