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Connector Snowflake

The Snowflake connector enables the loading of tables from the Snowflake database to Meiro Integrations. 

Learn more: about the Snowflake connector from here.

Data In/Data Out

Data In


Data Out

Loaded tables will be visible in out/tables.

Learn more: You can read more about the folder structure here.


snowflake 1.png

Fill credentials to connect to the Snowflake database:

  • Host
  • Port
  • Database
  • Schema
  • Warehouse
  • Username
  • Password


Define which table you wish to load, how will it be named and how the output will be.

snowflake 2.png

Name (required)

Name of the table.

Query (required)

A query is a request to access data from a database to manipulate it or retrieve it.

Output Table (required)

The name of the output table you want to load the query.

Enabled (optional)

Enabled for this table to be pulled from the database.