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Loader Google Drive

Google Drive is a well-known cloud storage service that offers businesses a practical solution for managing their data. It is designed to be simple and accessible, enabling users to safely store, share, and access files, which promotes efficient collaboration.

Business value in CDP

The integration between CDP and Google Drive allows for seamless use of customer data by enabling businesses to easily transfer and store information. Incorporating Google Drive into a CDP environment enhances data management capabilities, giving businesses practical access to customer insights without relying on overly promotional language.

Setting up the loader in MI

Loader Google Drive allows you to upload or update existing spreadsheets/ CSV tables in your Google Drive. 

Warning: This component may be suitable for updates of CSV files, but for updating/appending existing spreadsheets, use Google Spreadsheet loader

Data In/ Data Out

Data In

The files that need to be uploaded should be located in the in/tables/ folder or its subfolders.

Otherwise (if data is located in in/files/) the component will return an error.

Data Out N/A

Learn more: about folder structure in configuration here.


Authorization in the Meiro Integrations

After creating the Google drive loader, you will first need to authorize it to access your Google Ads account.

Click on the Authorize button and allow Meiro.io to access chosen Google account. You can reset your authorization at any time or if you want to authorize another Google account instead.


Authorization in the Google Drive Developers Dashboard

Log in to your Google account and go to https://console.developers.google.com 

1. Choose Google Drive API on the Dashboard (Enable API and Services) or go to API Library and search for Google Drive API.



2. Click on the button Enable.


Now you should be able to load the data to your Google Drive.



Input File (required)

Name of the table (from Data In) which you wish to load/update.  The name should not contain CSV extension and should include the relative path for `in/tables` folder.

For example, for in/tables/test.csv use test and for in/tables/newfolder/test.csv use newfolder/test

If you wish to add multiple tables from your Data In, click on the Add Tables button to set up all the credentials for each table.

File ID (required for update/ blank for the file creation)

For creating the table in your Google Drive you need to leave this field blank, asGoogle Drive will automatically assign File ID.

For the update of the existing spreadsheet, it is mandatory to specify its File ID.

Learn more: how to find File ID, please refer to this article

Action (create/update)

This allows you to either create a new table or update an existing table.


If you choose to Create option, the new table will be created on your Google Drive under the name: “table (current date current time)”, for example, “table (2018-12-13 14:48:25)”.

You can easily find it in My Drive or in the Recent section of your Google Drive.


Update option re-writes existing files with the new data from Meiro Integrations.

Update option may be useful for updating CSV files (this is not possible with Google Spreadsheet Loader). You may need a CSV file for the other system using the API.  Be aware that Meiro Integrations will erase all the previous data from the file and re-write it.

Warning: For updating the Google Spreadsheet we recommend using Google Spreadsheet loader.

Enabled (true/ false)

This option allows you to Enable/Disable connection for that particular table.