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Setup guide: export to the Trade Desk

Setup guide is for setting up Meiro Business Explorer, usually it is done by the Meiro team.

The Trade Desk destination can be set  in the Setup tab/ Destinations tab.

Warning: Prerequisite is that The Trade Desk must be first set as the export destination for Meiro Business Explorer. If it is not, please contact the Meiro team.

Destination ID (required, not editable)

Destination ID is a numeric value that analysts will refer to within the Meiro Integrations. After you choose the ID, it will not be possible to change later on.

Name (required)

The name will be visible across the Meiro Business Explorer for the users (Data tab/ Sources&Destination tab, Segment detail)

Description (optional)

It is possible to add description to the destination. Description will be displayed for use in the Data tab/ Sources & Destination tab.

Icon (required)

The icon will be visible across the Meiro Business Explorer for the users (insights, Data tab/  Attributes, Sources&Destinations,  segments, customer profiles).


Mandatory and exported attributes (required)

Select an attribute that is holding the list of all TTD User IDs of the customer entities.

Parameters (required)

Meiro Integrations Key:  is set up by analysts and needs to be the same key as in workspace variables in Meiro Integrations, for example, "audience_id".

Check Input and Required fields.