Segment export: Mailchimp


1 Create a segment

Create a segment of customers that you wish to export to Mailchimp (e.g. contacts from webinars you have already organized, to promote future webinars).


2  Set export parameters & export audience to Mailchimp

Go to the destination/parameters section, name the audience however you would like. In our example we named it “Mailchimp export audience test”. Remember the name you choose, it will be useful in next steps.


With parameter  existing contacts in Mailchimp are tagged. If the name of parameter is changed, the contacts would have another tag attached to it.So if the parameter was named "Audience A" and pushed to Mailchimp and later on another batch is pushed Mailchimp with the same name. The size of "Audience A" goes up. If it was named "Audience A" when it was pushed to Mailchimp the first time and then later on it was changed to "Audience B" and pushed out to Mailchimp, the overlapping contacts would have both "Audience A" & "Audience B" tagged to them




parameters Mailchimp.png

3 Go to Mailchimp campaign

Go to Mailchimp and create a campaign or go to an existing campaign that you would like to use the audience on.

  1. Select recipients of the Mailchimp campaign

Under the “To” section, click the “edit recipient” button.

Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 11.59.05.png

5. Use the audience for the Mailchimp campaign

For the “audience” drop-down, select the audience that is connected to Meiro. In this example it is “MEIRO.IO GENERAL”. 

Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 11.59.31.png


For the “segment/tag”  drop-down field, select the name of the audience that you exported from Meiro.

Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 11.59.54.png


The exported audience from Meiro can be found under your Mailchimp Audience < Tags

Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 12.00.00.png




Can I add new customers? Yes, if in your exported audience will be a customer that is not in Mailchimp, it will be added there and tagged with the named filled in Meiro parameters.
Can I update existing customer? Yes, if your customer is already in Mailchimp, it will be tagged with Meiro parameters. If customer has tag already, it new tag will be added to existing one.