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Releases in March-May, 2022

Major features:

Native web banners

The new feature is located in the Channels/Web/Native banners subtab. While pop-up banners are displayed in front of the website content, native banners appear exactly as embedded within the website content.


Banner display condition added: page load, on a scroll through % of the website, on exit

Now users may set the display condition of pop-up and native banners; for example, it is possible to show a web banner on a page load, within the exact percentage of the scroll or when a user is about to exit the website.

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Segment ID displayed within segment detail

The ID of a segment is displayed in the segments detail.

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“Event retention” section added to the Setup tab/ Events tab

It is possible to set the number of days that events will be stored. It is recommended to avoid storing events for too long as it may influence the costs of data storage. 


MagNews loader

MagNews is an online marketing automation platform that helps to build projects, design customer journeys, and monitor business results. With the support of MagNews’ marketing automation integrated into the CDP, you can attract the attention of your customers, improve and monitor the existing communication flows in email, SMS, and push notifications, and establish new touches with the customers at the best and most suited time.

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Twitter Ads loader

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GA4 loader

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Facebook Custom Anonymous Audience loader

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WooCommerce connector

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector

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TikTok loader

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Trade Desk loader

The Trade Desk is an online demand-side platform that provides buying tools for digital media buyers. The Trade Desk enables collecting more data by automatically adjusting the bidding strategy based on the insights and outcomes that matter to your brand, increases operational efficiency by automating campaign setup and management workflows, and pushes campaign data to CDP for holistic analysis and insights.

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