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Releases in January, 2024

Major features:

Quickly retrieve the data of any event

Access the original payload of the event by clicking on the “Show Raw Payload” button under the Data Library tab. This will allow you to explore all the necessary details in JSON format, streamlining your workflow and simplifying the process of identifying the relevant information.


Snowplow webhook

Snowplow is a powerful mobile analytics platform that allows developers to track events in mobile apps. By setting up a webhook, you can receive real-time event updates from Snowplow and integrate them into your Meiro Events system for further analysis and actions.

ActiveCampaign webhook and loader

ActiveCampaign, known for its strong email marketing capabilities, offers a user-friendly interface for creating and executing targeted campaigns with precise audience segmentation. Integrating ActiveCampaign with webhooks enhances its real-time data exchange and analysis capabilities, fostering better decision-making and proactive marketing strategies. Besides, you can use our ActiveCampaign Loader, which can effortlessly import and send a batch of emails into ActiveCampaign, streamlining the process of engaging with a wide audience. 


  • Segmented numbers are now refreshed on the manual export click
  • Added support for the GET HTTP method across all event handlers
  • Handle null values as any other value in Transformations under Autoload to the events

Bug fixes:

  • [client] Segment doesn't load, returns errors, login now returns errors
  • WBS has Error 500
  • Priority for event does not propagate on connection refresh, only after plumbing restart