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Releases in July, 2024

Major features:

Upgrade your mobile engagement today with the new Meiro Mobile SDK!

Unlock real-time insights and seamless mobile engagement with our new SDK. The SDK supports a wide range of predefined events, such as app installs, screen views, link clicks, and custom events tailored to specific client needs, giving deep insights into user behaviour.

Enhance user activity tracking, save costs on mobile app analytics, support multiple apps, and activate push notifications. Combined with our identity resolution engine, you’ll achieve better-targeted campaigns and personalized experiences. Integrate the Meiro Mobile SDK for a smarter, more efficient app experience!

Enhanced control over repetitive campaign activations and segment exports

We are excited to introduce a feature that gives you more control over the recurring marketing campaigns and segment exports. You no longer need to remember to manually update your schedule to start on the desired date. Just set your recurring schedule and select a start date. Your campaign activation or segment export will then launch on that date and continue to run according to the schedule you specified.

No more last-minute schedule changes or forgotten start dates. This improvement gives you confidence in activating your repetitive campaigns and exporting segments, ensuring precise timing for your initiatives.

Special thanks to our talented developers who brought this feature to life: Lubos Fukas and Josef Busta!


  • The event's autoload now supports splitting an input string by the newly added split transformation. Check out an example of using this feature here.

Bug fixes:

  • Impossible to upload SVG to the banner (we removed the possibility of uploading SVG to banners as part of the bug fix)
  • Segment UI disappears upon removing a condition from the segment
  • Profile timeline not showing events
  • Broken design on the Segment export page on the client's instance
  • User is unable to edit or create push notification campaigns even with permissions enabled
  • FE: Segment export page does not show all conditions