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Release in September, 2023

New Features:

Meta attributes: calculation order & description field

Meiro enhanced the functionality of meta attributes by introducing a drag-and-drop feature that allows users to set the order. Establishing a specific order is crucial as one meta attribute's definition can depend on another, thus preventing the occurrence of circular dependencies.

Additionally, introducing a description field within meta attributes enables analysts to provide detailed explanations and context for more complex use cases, ensuring transparency and better communication within the system.

Sep-07-2023 11-16-55.gif


Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed failing CSV export 
  • [client] attributes aren't calculating
  • Fixed broken scrolling between attributes on Profile page 
  • Identity stitching editor translates arrows randomly
  • [client] - CDP Events Loader failing with error "message size 31 MiB bigger than maximum allowed message size 16 MiB"
  • TikTok loader has schema validation error when value is specified from MI workspace variables
  • [client] segment export has 1 exportable entity, has data in CR and OS, but when exported has 0 rows