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Release in September, 2023

New Features:

Meta attributes: calculation order & description field

Meiro enhanced the functionality of meta attributes by introducing a drag-and-drop feature that allows users to set the order. Establishing a specific order is crucial as one meta attribute's definition can depend on another, thus preventing the occurrence of circular dependencies.

Additionally, introducing a description field within meta attributes enables analysts to provide detailed explanations and context for more complex use cases, ensuring transparency and better communication within the system.

Sep-07-2023 11-16-55.gif

Invitation to CDP redesign

Introducing a new design for inviting users to the CDP. Invite multiple users and tailor their view/edit permissions for various segments on one page. Additionally, invite them to specific segments by simply selecting the segments you need. This ensures that users receive relevant segment-related notifications on the board.


Stitching rules graph

The "Stitching Rules Graph" within the CDP offers a visual representation for Identity Graph review, allowing users to explore the connections between various events and understand how identities are established.

Each node represents a distinct event, and edges depict connections established by identity resolution, color-coded by event type. By clicking on specific identifiers, users can investigate relations with other events, such as "stitching email," to focus on rules governing email-related events.

This graph serves essential use cases, including visually representing stitching categories and ensuring data completeness by highlighting missing email-related connections.


Attribute definition checker

Introducing the Attribute Definition Checker under the Administration tab. The new feature makes it easy to validate and correct prefilled attribute fields before saving. If any issues arise during validation, you’ll receive immediate notifications, ensuring you can fix any necessary errors before finalizing the attribute.

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Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed failing CSV export 
  • [client] attributes aren't calculating
  • Fixed broken scrolling between attributes on Profile page 
  • Identity stitching editor translates arrows randomly
  • [client] - CDP Events Loader failing with error "message size 31 MiB bigger than maximum allowed message size 16 MiB"
  • TikTok loader has schema validation error when value is specified from MI workspace variables
  • [client] segment export has 1 exportable entity, has data in CR and OS, but when exported has 0 rows
  • Increase time limit on Auto load query execution
  • [client] Event schema (page view and SE campaign clicked) not visible in data library/events 
  • CDP events retention not editable after event creation
  • [client] Page is blank on certain profiles