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Releases in April, 2023

Major features:

Features redesign

We’ve updated the attributes’ examples and order of the columns in the Data Library tab, as well as redesigned the visual design for the insights showing the most and least common multi-value attributes.



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Preview width for native banners

A new ’preview width in pixels' field in the native banner create form allows users to see how the banner will look on the website if the banner width is not specified.

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Show raw payload

A new button was added to the customer profile’s timeline that allows you to see the original JSON payload of an event. Just click the “show raw payload” button for a formatted JSON view of the event and get all the necessary details.

Apr-11-2023 12-33-41.gif

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Filtering events in the profile's timeline

Now you can easily filter out a specific event on a profile’s timeline with a single click on the "Select only" button.

Apr-25-2023 13-10-52.gif

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Search bar for the Insight

Added a search bar on the Insights tab under Administration to easily find the needed tile.

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Search functionality for events

A new search function for events payload has been added to the timeline under the customer profile page (e.g. device_typelast_namecity, etc.). This new feature lets you quickly find events associated with a single customer profile. The search results are displayed in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent event and ending with the oldest one.


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Colorized “clock” icon

The “clock” icon in date(time) segment conditions now colorizes in response to natural language inputs, providing immediate feedback to users on the validity of their input. A green clock icon indicates a valid input, while a red one indicates an invalid one.


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Bug fixes: