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Releases in March, 2023

Major features:

Meiro Business Explorer navigation redesign

We are excited to announce a new User Interface for Meiro Business Explorer designed to be more intuitive and aligned with industry standards. The new UI will also allow for the seamless integration of new features in a logical manner.

The most noticeable change is the relocation of the navigation bar from the top to the left-hand side of the screen. On smaller displays (less than 1440px), the navigation bar will be collapsible to provide more screen real estate.


In addition to the UI redesign, many features have been renamed to better reflect their functionality. Here are the details of the renaming:

  • Customers tab is now Profiles tab

  • Pop up web banners are renamed to Pop-up banners

  • Embedded web banners are now Native banners

  • Data tab is now Data library tab

  • Reporting tab is now Analytics tab

  • Personalization tab is now Channels tab

We recognize that these changes may require some adjustments for our users. Here is the reasoning behind the renaming and shift of content:

  • Profiles tab: This change was made to better align with its intended function, which is to serve as a central location for customer profiles.

  • Pop-up and Native banners: These features were consolidated under the new Channels tab to streamline the management of web banners.

  • Data library: The new name more accurately reflects the purpose of the tab, which is to provide a central location for all data-related activities. The Sources & Destinations tab under the Data library tab has been separated.

  • Analytics tab: This name change reflects the inclusion of the Diagnostic dashboard, Insights, and Reporting tab.

  • Channels tab: This change was made to reflect more accurately the purpose of the tab, which is to provide a centralized location for managing all channels.

  • Administration tab: The consolidation of the Administration and Setup tabs was done to provide a more streamlined approach to managing the platform Configuration, Entities, and User setup tabs.

  • Trash tab: The trash tab was removed from MBE to store deleted entities in the trash in their respective tabs. 

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Country condition in banners

Pop-up and native banners now offer a new condition for “country,” allowing for more targeted and personalized campaigns. You can select from a dropdown list of countries or country codes and conveniently enter a list of country codes separated by commas to reach multiple audiences at once.

Знімок екрана 2023-03-15 о 15.06.43.png

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Meiro AI Assistant

A new powerful tool to generate personalized marketing content for your campaigns, including web banners and mobile push notifications. With its user-friendly interface, creating unique and compelling content has never been easier. 


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New "ME to CDP" loader

Loader "ME to CDP" extracts raw customer events from the Meiro Events (ME) database, transforms the payload based on payload transformation definitions, and uploads the transformed customer events to a CDP database. By processing data close to real time, the loader can simplify and speed up the integration of data, allowing users to access the most current data available.

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Segment Participation of customer profile (update)

The customer profile's segment participation has been updated to reflect changes made to the order. The list of segments has been reorganized to prioritize featured segments at the top, followed by segments with tags, and then all other segments. This new arrangement helps to highlight the most important segments, making it easier to navigate and engage with the segments that are most relevant to the user's interests and needs.

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Bug fixes: