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Releases in December, 2023

New Features:

Lookalike segment

Our newest feature, Lookalike Segments, is an intelligent solution to expand your marketing campaigns' reach across any channel you choose. Find more users across your CDP database who share characteristics similar to your target audience profiles, increasing the reach, relevance, and conversion rates of your marketing initiatives.


5 ways you can use it to your benefit:

  • Scaling Customer Acquisition: Looking to expand segmented audiences to reach more people? Lookalike Segments will harness the profile characteristics of your existing segments to find more similar prospects in your CDP database.

  • Improving Targeting Accuracy: Connect with more potential customers who share the same interests and behaviors as your target audience to improve your marketing performance.

  • Exporting Options: Send lookalike segments to other tools and platforms and target expanded audiences across Meta Ads, Google, Hubspot, or any other available destination in Meiro Integrations.

  • Seamless Cross-Channel Activation: Target lookalikes via email, banner, and mobile push channels to market to a broader yet highly relevant audience.

  • Rich Insights and Optimization: Dive deeper into the Lookalike Segment insights and better understand your audience characteristics.

To enable the use of lookalike segments, set attributes under the Admin/Lookalike settings tab. Dive deeper into various examples and tips to understand how to optimize these segments for your specific industry needs. To optimize lookalike segments for your industry needs, explore various examples and tips provided in the article.

Stripe Webhook

Kochava Webhook

Kochava is a powerful mobile analytics and attribution solution, offering businesses precise insights into app performance and user behavior. Integrating Kochava webhooks with Meiro Events provides real-time data transmission, empowering informed decisions and proactive app management. Explore practical applications of the Kochava webhook for immediate insights and tailored tracking within your app ecosystem in this article.

Bug fixes

  • Profile search returns 1 profile, yet states there are 2 results
  • Attribute "All transactions made" has messed up values in dimension on "Search page"
  • Stucked loader in workspace
  • Image on Email is not load
  • Can't login to Business Explorer and Exports are being stacked