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Releases in November, 2022

Major features:

Kafka connector

Apache Kafka is the most popular open-source stream-processing software for collecting, processing, storing, and analyzing data at scale. Kafka allows modernizing the data strategies with event streaming architecture. Kafka connector enables the loading of messages from Apache Kafka to Meiro CDP.

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Klaviyo connector

Klaviyo is a global technology company that provides a marketing automation platform, used primarily for email marketing and SMS marketing. Klaviyo connector enables integrating data from Klaviyo with Meiro Integrations to process it further. 

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Duplicate segmentation/banner conditions with a single-click

To speed up the workflow, now you can duplicate a group of conditions in segment and web banner builder by hovering on the parentheses () on the top:


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Meta attributes

A new subtab under the Setup tab allows the creation of meta attributes. They are temporary tables in the database that can be accessed when creating the attributes under the Attribute subtab.

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Colors for the export destination are editable

Now user can define a color of destination that will be visible in the segment's export. 

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New logic for Customer search

From now the search in the Customer tab by default is conducted only within attributes that are tagged by the Customer Highlights label. In the Customer Highlights label, you may assign the label that holds the attributes for the customer’s personal information (e.g. first and last name, city and country, last brand interaction, phone number, etc.). Those attributes will appear in the Customer Highlights section of the customer profile. If you want to search for the customers outside the attributes tagged by the Customer Highlights label, then select a specific attribute in the attribute picker.

It is not possible to search within all attributes.


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Bug fixes: