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Releases in March, 2024

Major features:

Improved version of Mobile Push!


We are excited to announce the latest enhancements to Mobile Push to elevate your customer experiences. Here's what's new:

  • Manage campaigns across all apps from one place: Save your precious time and effort — configure and effortlessly run campaigns for multiple projects with different apps and operating systems from one place with the Mobile Push interface.
  • Configure the notifications actions: Optimize push campaign engagement by choosing how recipients interact with your messages, whether by opening the app, browser, or a deep link.
  • Add images to your messages: Enhance your push notifications with visually compelling images to improve audience engagement. Personalize your content by using dynamic images in the Mobile Push notification to ensure that each recipient receives content with images tailored to their interests.
  • Quality control your messages: Test your campaigns by sending a push notification to yourself, ensuring everything looks and functions as intended before reaching your audience.
  • Leverage the power of LiquidJS: With support for LiquidJS templating language, personalize your messages based on user preferences and behaviors, making every interaction more meaningful.
  • Customize your payload: For more flexibility, send a custom data payload in addition to standard push notification content. Dynamically adjust the schema based on configuration settings and personalize fields using LiquidJS template language to prepopulate known values for each profile.
  • Ensure timely delivery with TTL: Adjust the Time-to-Live period to ensure users receive relevant information within the desired timeframe. Whether it's a critical update or a time-sensitive offer, fine-tuning the TTL ensures your messages reach users when they need them most.


  • Support for query selectors for native banners was added.
  • Optimized loading for segment channel counts.
  • Added the possibility of identifying who last activated Mobile Push or Email campaigns.
  • Enhance ME SDK to include client_ids object to every event payload: the object contains Facebook (fb) and Google Analytics (ga) client IDs. If relevant cookies are detected, they will be automatically included within the client_ids object for each event. If syncing is disabled or cookies are not found, the relevant key will have a value of null.

Bug fixes:

  • Segment export shows failure when the MI workspace did not fail
  • [client] CDP Events Loaders throwing errors for seemingly no reason
  • Issue with adding emails
  • Cache refresh duration alert did not come on [client] instance
  • Ads Account is blank after selected and saved