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Yellow.ai webhook

This article gives you knowledge of how webhooks send information from Yellow.ai to Meiro Events.

Yellow.ai is an online platform that helps you create powerful AI-driven bots. The combined capabilities of human and AI lets you provide the best customer support experience. The platform allows you to connect bot users to human techies, run campaigns, manage the bots on multiple channels, integrate with third-party applications, and measure the performance of these bots.


You need to follow these key requirements to properly set up the webhook:

  1. Figure out the message types you can support in the Messaging API;

  2. A token received from an event in the Yellow.ai webhook must be stored in the message data.

Learn more about: how to set Yellow.ai webhook


The list of supported events might vary for each integration. Here is an example of events in Yellow.ai with Meiro Events:

  • Page URL-based trigger - to trigger a specific flow, when the URL matches with the loading page URL;

  • New User: Register;

  • User last active;

  • Last Viewed property on chatbot;

  • Provided phone number on chatbot;

  • FAQs Button count data;

  • Show more property details.

Example data

Sample Webhook Payload: as soon as Yellow.ai receives a callback from the Meiro Events, they will post that data to the configured Webhook if available. Webhooks are called with the request body.

Use cases

Here are practical use cases on how to generate Yellow.ai webhooks with the Meiro Events:

  • Sending a message in a chatbot, knowing already the information about the customers including their names, account details, and even preferred languages.

  • Sending a message with order details based on the order ID provided by the end user.

  • Sending a personalized message with recommendations and upselling products. Instead of marketing randomly, Yellow.ai webhook can help in marketing as per the need of the customers to market the products effectively.

  • Sending through the chatbot a feedback form to the customers about recently completed orders.

  • In the banking system, Yellow.ai webhooks may remind customers of the due date of the payments to be done.

  • Stitching user profiles who came to the website and interacted with the chatbot and showing interest in the properties by using phone numbers.

  • Using chatbot events to calculate how interested the customers are in a particular property.

  • Using chatbot events to find out which properties are in demand and the type of information that they are looking for which can be used to refine advertising strategy and for market research.