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Insider Webhook

This article gives you knowledge of how webhooks send information from Insider to Meiro Events. 


You need to follow these key requirements to set up the webhook properly:

  • you need to have an active Insider account. If you don't have one, you can sign up for one on the Insider website;
  • you need to set up a webhook integration and obtain a webhook URL. You can find the webhook URL in the Webhooks section of your Insider account;
  • you need to share the webhook URL and list of header(s) with your  Insider Technical Account Manager, who will configure it for you.


In the Insider, a webhook can be triggered by multiple events, such as new lead creation, cart abandonment, order creation, page visit, or email click. If any of these events meet the trigger criteria you set up, then the webhook will send the message to the specified URL.

Unlike some other platforms, Insider can send a wide range of data points through a webhook i.e., Data Stream, including customer attributes, product details, and engagement data. This means you can use webhooks to track a wide range of customer interactions and trigger actions based on this data.

Examples of events that can trigger a webhook in Insider include:

  • New lead creation
  • Cart abandonment
  • Order creation
  • Page visit
  • Email click
  • Product view
  • Subscription to newsletter
  • Campaign subscription
  • Form submission

Example data

Insider data stream: Event Stream

Allows listening and sending webhooks for both default and custom user events, such as purchases, product detail page views, and form submissions.

  "attrs": {
    "age": 25,
    "email_optin": true,
    "name": "John",
    "sms_optin": false
  "event_name": "purchase",
  "event_parameters": {
    "unit_price": 10,
    "url": "https://mybrand.com/blue-jeans"
  "hook_id": 12,
  "insider_id": "1a2b3c4d5e6f",
  "name": "My event webhook",
  "partner": "mybrand",
  "timestamp": 1623187855,
  "triggers": [
      "key": "url",
      "next": {
        "value": "https://mybrand.com/blue-jeans"

Use cases

Here are some practical use cases for generating Insider webhooks using Meiro Events:

  1. Improve personalization of banners or push notifications on Insider by pushing enriched CDP audience data to Insider instead of using the ones created on the Insider platform 
  2. Obtain more customer web behavior data through Insider web push campaigns and additional identifiers, such as Insider ID.
  3. Perform cookie synchronization between Meiro ID and Insider's internal ID to parse anonymous users back to the Insider platform for personalization campaign activation.