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Adjust webhook

This article gives you knowledge of how webhooks send information from Adjust to Meiro Events. 

Adjust is an analytics platform that assists companies in identifying the best users, optimizing their marketing spending, and growing their mobile apps, all while assisting them in scale. 


To properly set up the webhook, it is required firstly to arrange server-to-server security. This means that each incoming request should carry a token generated in the Adjust dashboard. Requests that do not carry the token or that carry an incorrect token are rejected by Adjust server. 


In the Adjust when a webhook is triggered, it automatically shows the event in your active event list and dashboard statistics.

Adjust automatically hides events that are more than 3 months old and have no tracked history, though all hidden event data remains available for export through their KPI service.

In Adjust you may customize the event integration to track unique events once per device. They’re helpful for adding context to events the app can’t recognize, like showing registration as unique from a login in-app action.

Adjust can track a wide range of events, including both standard and custom events. These events can trigger corresponding callbacks, which provide detailed data about the events to Meiro Events. The specific types of callbacks you can set up include:

  • Installs
  • Reattributions
  • Conversions
  • Sessions
  • Events
  • Rejected installs or reattributions

Examples of custom events that could be tracked in Adjust include:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Search product
  • View listing
  • View product
  • Add to wishlist
  • Add to basket
  • First sale
  • Sale/checkout

Example data

Example: Install callbacks

Adjust servers trigger an install callback when a user opens an app for the first time after installation.

Use cases

Here are practical use cases on how to generate Adjust webhooks with the Meiro Events: 

  1. One of the benefits of tracking the events is collecting valuable statistics that may be used in running advertising campaigns. The event will bring you deep insights into where your users go directly after installation, or what features are of the most interest or identify the last thing users do before they become inactive, etc.
  2. You may trigger sending of reports as a response to tracked anomalies for low installations rate. When the condition is met, then you'll receive a message with a link to the report sent by an Adjust webhook.