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Meiro Events SDK performance

Web loading speed with integrated ME SDK

ME SDK is inserted into the web code with the flag "async", so it does not block the display.  Its javascript code is run immediately after loading. The script itself has a cache expiration set to 30 minutes (approximately corresponds to a session), e.g. after the first download, it is saved to the user's disk, from where it is loaded for the next 30 minutes each time it is used and is not downloaded again from the server until this period expires.

G7pDzjKcJxT4Rugk-1 (1).jpg


  • Green = Parsing HTML

  • Blue = Downloading JS File

  • Red = Executing JS Code

Influence of ME SDK on web performance in benchmarks

After deploying to the web, the SDK performs the following actions on each page view:

  • Initializes meiro_user_id if a cookie or local storage record does not exist yet
  • Initializes meiro_session_id
  • Sends an event with a Google Client ID
  • Runs the banner selection evaluation algorithm and eventually displays the banner
  • Sends a page view event
  • Registers an event listener for clicking on links to track outbound_link_click event


The above-mentioned procedures have a minimal effect on the performance of the website in benchmarks. This follows from ten measurements performed simultaneously in the https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ application when we tested a static HTML page with one <h1> element (on the basic hosting of Wedos) and SDK with 10 active banners. The total application score ranged from 99 to 100, with the Total Blocking Time value ranging from 70 to 120 ms.