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Events: cross-domain tracking

Cross-domain Tracking is a technique for measuring visitors that follow links between multiple websites on different top-level domains. 

When a user browsing website A clicks on a link pointing to website B, his user ID stored for Website A will be available for SDK deployed on Website B via a parameter in URL, hence it can be tracked and stitched to user ID stored for website B. 

SDK is now supporting this type of cross-domain tracking, but domains, where we want to pass user IDs, need to be whitelisted in SDK configuration.

Follow the steps described in the article on How to deploy Meiro Events on the website  and whitelist domains in

MeiroEvents.init function:


MeiroEvents.init({ domain: domain, cross_domain_whitelist: [“example.com”] });

Whitelist should contain domain names for every website to which you want to append User ID. 

Take a look at the following example:

We have site-one.com, site-two.com, and site-three.io, we want to implement cross-domain tracking for those domains. 

On site-one, the `cross_domain_whitelist` array will be [“site-two.com”, “site_three.io”]

On site-two the `cross_domain_whitelist` array will be [“site-one.com”, “site-three.io]

On the latest website, the array will be [“site-one.com”, site-two.com”]

Each website needs to include other domains in the SDK configuration.