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Klaviyo webhook

This article gives you knowledge of how webhooks send information from Klaviyo to Meiro Events.


Klaviyo is an e-commerce marketing automation platform that helps to build experiences across owned marketing channels like email, SMS, and in-app notifications and measures the results in revenue (delivered, opened, clicked, purchased, etc.).


You need to follow these key requirements to properly set up the webhook:

  • You should be granted the role of Manager, Admin, or Owner;
  • The account must be enabled with two-step authentication.


In the Klaviyo a webhook is triggered only by one event, which means if an event meets the trigger criteria, then the webhook sends the message to the specified URL.

Klaviyo cannot send certain data points through a webhook, as only flow-triggered events could provoke sending webhooks. This means it is not possible to send a webhook as a response to changes in a profile property or send email open engagement data every time a subscriber opens an email.

Klaviyo can only monitor if the webhook is working, but not where the data is going or what it is doing after it leaves Klaviyo.

Examples of events in Klaviyo include:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Post-purchase
  • Product review
  • Subscribed to List


Example data

Endpoint: Get Campaigns

Returns list of all campaigns and their basic info

Use cases

Here are practical use cases on how to generate Klaviyo webhooks with the Meiro Events:

  1. Sending a message to reconnect with former customers;
  2. Sending a birthday message to your customers and giving them loyalty points as a gift;
  3. Meiro CDP can receive subscribers’ profile information as soon as they sign up for the list. This allows having a complete record of all subscribers in the CDP;
  4. You can send surveys to learn more about your customers;
  5. Sending a message or POST request when a subscriber is added to a segment or list, e.g., a customer placing an order or starting the checkout process.