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Events: custom events

What can be customized

Data collected from this event type can be customised by the administrator of the website. 

The Custom Event can record any event possible to collect through JavaScript and JSON listeners. The list of trackable custom events can be found under this link.

MeiroEvents.track("customEvent", { action: "button_click", item: "#my-button"});



  •  Tracking  usernames for logins:
MeiroEvents.track("customEvent",{action: "login", username: "user"}); 

The second part {action: "login", username: "user"} is customizable. 

  • The user played the video:
MeiroEvents.track("customEvent",{action:"video_played",title:"User played video on homepage"});
  • The user opened schedule demo popup:
MeiroEvents.track("customEvent",{action: "schedule_demo_open", title: "User opened schedule demo form"});


For more details please contact the Meiro team.