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The Trade Desk webhook

This article gives you knowledge of how webhooks send information from the Trade Desk to Meiro Events. 

The Trade Desk is an online demand-side platform that provides buying tools for digital media buyers. The Trade Desk enables collecting more data by automatically adjusting the bidding strategy based on the insights and outcomes that matter to your brand, increases operational efficiency by automating campaign setup and management workflows, and pushes campaign data to CDP for holistic analysis and insights.


You need to follow these key requirements to properly set up the webhook:

  1. You need to set an expiration for your token and ensure you include the token in the header of any other endpoint interactions. 

  2. The token should be stored and regenerated periodically. It is recommended that you generate a new token once every 24 hours.

Learn more: about Meiro Events with The Trade Desk on the website


The Trade Desk webhook isn't a strictly defined set of tasks, you can automate any number of processes that would impact the efficiency of the day-to-day operations.

The Trade Desk webhook supports all event types without restrictions, depending on the partner platform. Examples of events in the Trade Desk include:

  • First purchase

  • Page view
  • Post impression event

You can choose one of the following channels to set as the primary channel for your campaign:

  • Display

  • Video

  • Audio

  • TV

  • NativeDisplay

  • NativeVideo

  • DigitalOutOfHome

Examples of actions to perform within events:

  • Launch Campaigns

  • Launch Creatives

Example data

Endpoint: the Display Creatives.

Example of the request to upload a display creative hosted by the CDP.

Use cases

Here are practical use cases on how to generate the Trade Desk webhooks with the Meiro Events:

  • Driving subscription sign-ups to the application to newly downloaded app users by offering them a trial usage of the premium status;

  • Sending campaigns with dynamically generated creatives for the retargeting purpose, based on the CDP’s ad tag.