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SOPs for Project Implementation

Implementation Process

This flowchart provides an overview of the steps involved in the Implementation of a CDP for a new client. 

Meiro CDP Implementation Process-v6.jpg

Before Starting the Project

Sales Handover

Project Managers are involved when officially involved after the sales manager has finalized the official contract with the client which comprises the Order Form (for subscription to the CDP) and the Consulting Services Agreement (for Implementation of the CDP and its use cases, or other consulting services).

The project implementation can only officially start after the Order Form and Consulting Services Agreement has been signed; however, before that, we can start communicating with the client to obtain access and credentials. 

Assembling The Implementation Team

A full implementation team should have the following roles: 

Role Organisation Involvement Note
Project Manager  Meiro/Implementation Partner
Implementation Analyst  Meiro/Implementation Partner

1 - 2 analysts per project. 

the minimum skills level required for an analyst who implements Meiro CDP is detailed here: Meiro Analysts Curriculum

Digital & Web Analytics Consultant Meiro/Implementation Partner Share resources across multiple projects. Digital Consultant typically is only involved in setting up use cases for the client (eg. Email Automation campaigns, web banners) 
DevOps Meiro Support in setting up servers 
Account Manager Meiro
Project Manager/ POC Client We need one dedicated person to coordinate the requests from our team and distribute them in their organisation.
Sponsor Client
Tool Owners / Domain Experts Client/ Their Agency For each platform that we are integrating into the CDP, we need to know the tool owner who can help to explain how it is used, its data, and grant access. 
Web Developer Client / Their Agency To implement Meiro Events SDK on the client's website

Plan Timeline & Estimates

To add: How to plan a rough timeline and estimate for the effort.

Project Kick-off / Setting Up

Please refer to Kickoff Checklist 

Project Kickoff With The Client

This is typically an in-person meeting or conference call in which we align with the clients on the following: 

  1. Project Scope and Deliverables (including Use Cases to be delivered) 
  2. Project Timeline 
  3. Project Architecture - hosting, data sources & destinations
  4. List of credentials and access we need from the client
  5. The project team and stakeholders 
  6. Communication channels & Meeting cadence, including escalation procedures

Establish Communication & Channels 

On every project, we need to establish the communication channels both for daily communication and official updates. 

  • For daily communication / coordination of tasks, we need a fast channel : 
    • Meiro Slack channel to which we invite clients as guests, format #ext_clientname (preferred way) 
    • Client's Teams / Slack / Google Hangout channel
    • Whatsapp (not ideal since it's not easy to reply and there is no use threads for topics) 

Request for Instance Set-Up: 

Request in #help_it Slack channel for Jan (DevOps) to set up: 

  • Alias client_name@meiro.io for general access granting purpose
  • Meiro Events DB, MI, MBE, CDP instance

Request for Access from Client

Depending on the data sources/destination specified in the project, here are the types of access/credentials we need to request from the client. add list

In some cases, the client will request us to provide them with a fixed IP address which they can whitelist (so that the client only permits requests coming from this address to their DB). In that case please provide this IP address: add IP address

Components Build

Where a component (Connector, Loader) is requested, we need to organise a Component Scoping Call call between Dev, Analyst and Project Manager to cover: 

  • Use Cases and what we expect from the component (which data to extract? which endpoint connect with?)
  • Test the access to the platform (ensure that Dev is able to access 
  • Review sample data together 

Take note: Do budget for analyst's time to test and document the component alongside Dev as part of the project - typically an analyst need to spend at least xx Man-Hours

Core Implementation 

Analysts' Implementation 

Step by Step guide for Analyst's implementation

Use Cases Implementation

Platform UAT

  • Before sharing the instance with the client, PM should set up and test the project end-to-end using this checklist add

Project Handover 

Project Documentation 

There are a few types of documentation post-implementation of the project: 

  • Project Wiki add sample
  • Acceptance Note which needs to be signed by the client add sample
  • Campaigns Wiki add sample

Post-project Maintenance

Project Management Standards

Waterfall vs. Agile

Project Communication to Clients 

Create Issues in Jira 

Time Logging for analysts

Time/Project reporting for PMs