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Facebook Custom Audience destination - upsert

When implementing Facebook Custom Audience destination, one might want to either:

  • create a new audience with each export
  • or upsert (update or insert) customers to a specific audience.

  1. Create Facebook destination (if does not exist) in Meiro Business Explorer (create a task in #help_product).

  2. Create a workspace in Meiro Integrations with Meiro Business Explorer (CDP) as destination connector pointing to the Facebook destination (you get the ID from administration).

  3. Set up Facebook destination in CDP to point to the newly created workspace in Meiro Integrations (in Administration > Entities > Destinations)

  4. For a Facebook destination in Meiro Business Explorer define 2 parameters:

    fb_audience_name (required, user input)

    fb_audience_id (user_input)

         5. In Facebook loader in Meiro Integration workspace use workspace variables:

    fb_audience_name for Name

    fb_audience_id for Audience ID

    Learn more: How to create parameter for destinations in Meiro Business Explorer learn from this tutorial.

    How does it work

    When you run a destination export from Meiro Business Explorer where the fb_audience_id parameter is empty, the FB loader would take the name, create a new audience and fill it with segment customers.

    However, when the fb_audience_id is present and it is a valid Audience ID from Facebook (you can get that ID from URL in Facebook Business Manager), it would upload the customers to this audience instead of creating a new one.