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Set Up Business Explorer Instance & QA

Once the CDP Implementation has been done by analysts, we will need to test and get the Business Explorer instance ready before sharing access to the client for the first time. This includes: 

  • Checking the instance against deliverables of the project (in terms of data sources, destinations, attributes) 
  • Setting up the instance (tags, user roles) 
  • Check if the number of events or stitched profiles are reasonable
  • Check if the data for each source is up to date (if it is not a one-time load)
  • Check and compare number of events of each source and against the actual raw data source to see if it makes sense
  • Create sample segments and insights as basis to show customer how they can use the instance
  • Test the stability and speed of instance, epsecially on segmentation and exports
  • Checking of entities with large amounts of events (because it implies problems with stitching or events ingestion)
  • Check channels setup (including pop-up/native banners, emails) if applicable.
  • Check reporting setup if applicable

A detailed checklist of set up & testing actions can be found here: PM Checking of Instance Checklist