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How to troubleshoot when there are no attribute values

Sometimes, after you have implemented attributes on CDP, it may still be shown that there are no attribute values (0 filled) in a few places such as:

  1. Segment Builder
  2. Diagnostic Dashboard
  3. Data library tab, Attributes menu

It can be difficult to tell what’s going on as there can be any number of issues going on that can cause this, here’s a comprehensive list of things to check to find out what the root cause can be, in no particular order:

  1. Check if Identity Stitching is running in Meiro Integrations CPS workspace.
  2. Check Customer Entity Retention rules.
  3. Check if row for attribute is in public.attributes table and it is NOT set as disabled or hidden
  4. Check if the source assigned for this attribute is not set as hidden or disabled
  5. Check if there is a row with definition in cdp_attr.attribute
  6. Check if there is a attribute calculation query in attr_function.sql in CPS3 configuration in MI for this attribute
  7. Check if there are any values directly in public.pivoted_customer_attributes.
  8. Check attribute definitions by querying a subset of cdp_ce.customer_events table as “base” table using attribute calculation query in attr_function.sql in CPS3 configuration in MI.
  9. With step 8, check if there are events in cdp_ce.customer_events that exist that fulfil the filter conditions in the attribute definition being checked.
  10. Check if CPS configuration in MI has a huge number of events that have not been stitched yet from the logs, specifically, you want to look at the STATUS_REPORT, and EXECUTIVE_SUMMARY from the logs. The root cause could just be that the events for the affected attributes haven’t been stitched.
  11. With step 10, You can also look at how long the stitching is taking based on the logs in the CPS3 configuration, it will log the duration for every 1,000 events for instance.
  12. With step 10, if you know the events, you can check in public.customer_events whether or not the events have been stitched by checking if they have values in the customer_entity_id column.
  13. On business explorer, you can try running cache refresh under Administration -> Configurations -> Settings.

This list is not exhaustive, feel free to revise this list to include more cases and things to check when it comes to attribute calculations. If all else fails, do consult the team.