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The Trade Desk export destination

  1. Ask in #help_product for TTD destination to be added to the Meiro Business Explorer.

  2. Create in Meiro Integrations workspace for TTD destination.

  3. In Administration > Entities > Destinations, select the workspace from Meiro Integrations to be used by the destination.

  4. Setup mandatory and exported attributes to be an attribute holding the list of all TTD User IDs of the customer entity.

  5. Setup a parameter for the destination, audience_id as user input, required.

  6. Create CDP connector in Meiro Integration workspace, fill in destination ID from Meiro Business Explorer and credentials.

  7. Using Python code unnest a list of TDD User IDs into a csv with 1 column “tdid”.

    import json, csv, sys
    with open('in/tables/export.csv', 'r') as inf, open('out/tables/tdid.csv','w') as outf:
    	reader = csv.DictReader(inf)
    	writer = csv.DictWriter(outf, fieldnames=['tdid'])
    	for r in reader:
    		attrs = json.loads(r['mx_ttd_id'])
    		for a in attrs:
    				'tdid': a})
  8. Set up The Trade Desk loader (https://github.com/meiroio-components/ttd_loader ) to use the {{audience_id}} as name, fill in advertiser ID, secret and TTL. 

    Advertiser ID that we need to set up should be client's Advertiser ID (PM need to request the secret of client's Advertiser ID to the Trade Desk Team).

  9. Done 🙂