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Meiro Customer Data Platform (CDP) - How does it all work together

Learn from this article about:

Meiro Events

Meiro Integrations

Meiro Business Explorer

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Meiro Events

Meiro Events is built as the first layer of the CDP stack to collect customers’ data from websites and mobile applications

Meiro Events is treated as 1st party data, therefore is possible to collect more data than from 3rd party providers, for a longer time (up to 2 years). 

Although it is recommended to use Meiro Events for data collection, it is not a prerequisite for using Meiro products. 

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Meiro Integrations

In Meiro Integrations data can be collected from various data sources, processed, and delivered to data destinations.

Usually, this work is performed by skilled data analysts that can easily clean and process available data to make the most use of it. 

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Meiro Business Explorer

Meiro Business Explorer, with its user-friendly interface, allows browsing through the customer profiles’ database, building segments, seeing individual customer profiles, and reporting on data. Meiro Business Explorer is easy to use for even non-technical users. Segmented customer profiles can be easily exported to the chosen data destination within clicks.

Between Meiro Integrations and Meiro Business Explorer, data is stored in the data warehouse (either your choice or managed by us).

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