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How to implement a key in the local storage with timestamp on GTM

Insert the following script into a Tag in Google Tag Manager:

<script>    window.localStorage.setItem('meiroCartTimestamp', new Date().toISOString());       

The tag needs to fire on the addition or removal of the item from the cart - these triggers need to be defined in Google Tag Manager.

The use case for abandoned basket web banner

The key meiroCartTimestamp will be created when a product is added or changed e.g. in the shopping cart and a trigger has to be defined in Google Tag Manager.

In this use case, in web banners conditions:


Browser storage: local storage

Insert local storage key name: meiroCartTimestampĀ 

Data type: relative datetime

and operator,

Count, Units, and Before/ after custom to the expected outcome
(until - 30 minutes - before for abandoned basket use case usually).


To learn more about this use case, please reach out to the Meiro team.

Learn more about abandoned basket web banner HTML template.