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How to check for Facebook Conversion API results?

After you've set up the Conversions API, monitor your events and parameters in Meta Events Manager regularly on the event match quality and data freshness.

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Checking Event Match Quality 

Go to Events Manager and look under “Event match quality”

  • The Event matching tab shows the event match quality, which is a rating of Poor, OK, Good or Great. Event match quality indicates how effective your server event's customer information parameters may be at matching the event. Better event match quality means that events are more likely to match to a Meta account, which may lead to a lower cost per result.

  • The rating indicates how the customer information parameters that you send as compared to other advertisers in the same region

  • Keep the rating in the Good and Great range

Learn More: Event Match Quality

If your event match quality rating is low, refer to the customer information parameters table to find out what other parameters can be sent from CDP to Conversion API.

Checking Event Deduplication

Identical event instances sent from your pixel and through the Conversions API need to be deduplicated to prevent them from being counted twice. 

Deduplication rate needs to be as close to 100% as possible 

  • If the percentage is low, check if the event ID collected for the Conversion API event is the same for both Meiro SDK and Meta Pixel, refer to step 2 of Facebook Conversion API Implementation

Checking Event Data Freshness

Go to Events Manager and look under “Data freshness” in each event. 

  • Sending events through the Conversions API with delays greater than 24 hours may negatively affect the performance of any ad campaigns optimizing for those events. 

  • Set the event export on CDP to Facebook Conversion API to be as close to real-time as possible.