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Identity stitching and how customer identity appears


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Data collection

Identity stitching

Browse through stitched customer data

How can I check my customer identity?

How long does it take to build a customer identity?

Who has control over customers’ identities?


Customer entities are defined through a process called identity stitching. There is no magic behind it but only one rule: if two events share the same identifier, they belong to the same customer entity. In the same time it is possible to define multiple identifiers that make customer profiles more accurate.

Data collection

First data is collected from various data sources (for example Meiro Events, Facebook) and it can be used for marketing automation tools, databases of customers like CRMs, or anything else. Collected data is processed within Meiro Integrations.

Learn more: About currently available connections please refer to this articleIf you do not see a source you need, please contact the Meiro team.


Identity stitching

Collected data is cleaned and stitched within Meiro Integrations. This is where the identity stitching is managed by the data analysts team. 

During this process, various customer “identifiers” are defined (for example email, phone number, cookie) and extracted from events. If two events share the same identifier (for example the same email), they are assigned to the same customer entity. After identity stitching, other attributes are computed to enrich customer profiles with as much information as possible.

Identity stitching can be fully customized during the implementation process.




Browse through stitched customer data 

Customer identity data collected and stitched within Meiro Integrations is delivered to Meiro Business Explorer where any user (including non IT, technical users) can easily browse through it, as well as:

  • Build segments and export them, 
  • See individual customers profiles,
  • Have an overview of the customers’ data. 



How can I check the customers’ identity for each customer?

For each customer profile, it is possible to view an Identity Graph that will demonstrate how data has been stitched together. It is a simple color-coded graph showing what data and when has been connected.

Why would I like to know the identity graph?

It is possible to check out how various data is connected together, as well as inspect the quality of stitched data. It allows easy to spot any abnormalities possible to investigate further with analysts. 


Learn more: about identity stitching with Meiro here. 


How long does it take to build a customer identity?

It depends on each client, its data sources and the volume of the data. Usually, customer entities are calculated almost in real-time.  

Who has control over customers’ identity?

Each client is in full control of customers’ identity and can choose identifiers that will define customers. 

Customer identities are calculated by the Meiro algorithm managed and designed by our analysts' team. It is possible at any time to investigate further and check out the reasoning of it, as well as change it if needed due to the client’s specificity.