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Identity Stitching edge cases and solutions

Implementation Identity stitching (identity resolution)

This article describes the identity stitching (PS) issues / edge cases Analysts have faced during implementation. We hope that it can serve as a reference point on the possible solutions to PS. General tips Remove trailing and leading whitespaces, and use lo...

How to Implement Meiro Events in MI and CDP and set up alerts for Meiro Events

Implementation Events processing

Overview In this article, we will provide a checklist on the steps to implement Meiro Events (ME) pipeline in MI and CDP. We also include some guidelines when setting up alerts for ME.   Before implementation Check that we are receiving the events. You m...

Best Practices for Attributes Creation

Implementation Maintenance & Best Practices

Attribute IDs Attribute IDs with this format and order: <source>_<attribute name>_<attribute type> Example: web_first_name_lastcrm_emails_allstitching_phoneme_transactions_comp Attribute naming For Meiro User ID attributes, name it 1PT Meiro Web ID Fo...

Best Practices when setting up Destinations

Implementation Maintenance & Best Practices

Destination Colours In the current version of MBE, it is not possible to the icon colour of a destination on the frontend. When requesting for a new destination from Meiro Dev team, please specify the destination colour in your request. Here is a list of av...

How to set up attributes in Meiro Business Explorer

Implementation Attributes Calculation

This article is updated for Cockroach Migration 1. In Business Explorer, under Administrations -> Entities -> Attributes, click on Create Attribute to start creating attribute 2. Fill in information about the attribute. Attribute Field Description ...

Transform events (CR)

Implementation Events processing

Transform events into suitable format for customer_events table The purpose of this component is to prepare the events' format for loading the events into the customer_events table.  CSV structure Before loading data into the customer_events table, we would...

Load events to CDP (CR)

Implementation Events processing

Pre-requisite Your input must be a csv file, the required csv is defined in the data transformation step here. Configuration To start loading data into CDP, create a new configuration in your workspace and select CDP Events Loader Then, fill in the param...

Tutorial: How to set up RFM attributes (WIP)

Implementation Attributes Calculation

Here, we will describe the implementation process to set up attributes for the RFM (Recency, Fequency, Monetary) model. To learn more about the model, please refer to this article. 1. Set up base attributes For each part of the model, we set up their base at...

How to find credentials for GA4 destination

Implementation Destinations

1. Get GA4 credentials  Measurement ID In your Google Analytics account https://analytics.google.com/, select the correct Analytics Account and GA4 Property, Under Data Streams, select the correct data stream to see your Measurement ID. Your Measurement I...

Tutorial: How to implement product feed

Implementation Maintenance & Best Practices

Here, we will provide some general guidelines on product feeds and how it can be implemented as part of the data model in CDP Pre-requisites The client should provide a link to their product feed. It is usually a xml, html, or csv file with important informa...

How to set up MI and ME API connection in CDP

Implementation Set Up and Permission Requesting

Here is a step by step guide on setting up your MI (Meiro Integrations) and ME (Meiro Events) API connection in the Administration -> Configuration -> Settings page of the CDP. It's really simple! MI API connection Login to your instance's Meiro Integrat...