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Where can I find the Sheet ID of Google Spreadsheet file

The Sheet ID is ana unique identifier offor a Sheetspecific insheet within a Google Spreadsheet file.

To obtain it, open the fileSheet forID theof desireda Sheet,Google andSpreadsheet, locatetake ita look at the endURL ofin your web browser's address bar. The URL should have the following format:


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The Sheet ID is the number that appears after the "gid=" in the URL. In this example, the Sheet ID is "309297996".


It's worth noting that the Sheet ID is not the same as the Spreadsheet ID, which is the long number that appears in the URL after ‘gid=’"d/", :
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EwXZweUNKKGSC6k6_6IkukyRFeNzi7qEIIjOAC9_vGA/edit#gid=ThisIsSheetIDthe .
Spreadsheet ID is the identifier of the whole document, while the sheet ID represents a specific sheet within the document.


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