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MagNews webhook

This article gives you knowledge of how webhooks send information from MagNews to Meiro Events. MagNews is an online platform that helps to manage communication and ease business processes.


Examples of events in MagNews include:

Examples of actions to perform within events:

  • Add Existing Contact to Automation

  • Create Campaign

  • Create Deal

  • Subscribe or Unsubscribe Contact From List

Use cases

Here are practical use cases on how to generate MagNews webhooks with the Meiro Events: 

  • Improving the communication channels through the automated sending of targeted email campaigns, SMS, mobile push notifications, etc. This will rise the engagement of the customers with the brand, increase loyalty and simplify their interaction;

  • Touching the users with dynamically customized personal content;

  • Encouraging the conversion action of the users who land on the landing page without completing the checkout process. This will lead to a lower abandoned carts rate;

  • Being present in the most important moments of the customer life cycle (birthday, New Year, etc.);

  • Increasing the Customer Lifetime Value, by starting a loyalty program.